The Jimmy and Bandit Show

Jimmy and Bandit have just permanently moved to Mexico with Mom and Dad and these paradise pups are so happy to call Nuevo Vallarta home.  I got to have fun looking after these two while Mom and Dad finished packing up and wrapping up.

I met Bandit a few seasons ago and had the pleasure of walking him while Mom and Dad were away for the day.  We became fast buddies and this little Bandit really stole my heart.18051935_10155261164959516_1050191617_n

Jimmy is the new kid on the Nuevo block and loves taking long walks around the golf course sniffing out all the iguanas, turtles and wild birds in the neighborhood.

Jimmy kept a good eye on me too.


What a wonderful week hanging out with these two playful pups and I look forward to more time with Jimmy and Bandit this summer.  Happy to be stuck in the middle of these two anytime!






Gorgeous Blue Eyes – Grace and Frankie


There’s nothing like looking into beautiful blue eyes and have them purrrr right into your heart.  Grace and Frankie are a very special pair, brother and sister rescued here in Puerto Vallarta near Los Arcos and we’re all thankful to have these two in our lives. I was lucky enough to spend a wonderful week with them while Mom and Dad got to take a vacation.

Grace and Frankie like to be around you doing whatever you’re doing…yoga, snuggling or just posing for selfies.  There’s always a mouse on a string being dragged around if you’re not doing anything else during your day. 17191218_1826465090904446_4746256470987003364_n

Grace Grace Cute Face, as she is lovingly called, likes to watch all the action and looks so very pretty enjoying her new world all around her.

Frankie the Frankster is just that, ready to play and get into everything you’re up to whether you’re ready or not!

Grace and Frankie have a very special place in my heart because they take care of the two best parents that helped make the Pet Sitter Extraordinaire possible years ago. Family is everything, this brother and sister team prove it with their love for each other and anyone who comes into their life.


My Carlota and Chelsea Crush


Carlota and Chelsea came into my life when Mom and Dad had several vacations planned so we got to spend lots of quality time playing, snuggling and enjoying their beautiful world together.


Carlota, in all of her elegance, is a true sweetheart who has learned to “work around” her little sister Chelsea, who is full of playful puppy energy.  There’s enough love, bed space and supply of toys to fetch for everyone to be happy.


The lovely ladies were always by my side, ready for a cuddle or a giant mountain walk or best of all… food and snacks!

Carlota and Chelsea are quite the dynamic duo and make pet sitting a true pleasure!


Happy dogs = A very happy pet sitter

You have to be one lucky dog to enjoy this much puppy love in one place!   17274023_10155136858154516_274625523_o



Here’s a little ditty about Jack and Diego



Jack and Diego quickly turned into this girl’s best friends after spending a couple of weeks together in their Mismaloya home.

I so enjoyed my long walks with Jack and long snuggle sessions with Diego.

I could always count on Jack to be sleeping under my bed and Diego right next to me, they took such good care of me!

True Puppy Love

  Jack is one smart cookie but Diego runs the show, and knows it.

Jack and Diego made me smile and giggle every day.  I’m one lucky pet sitter to get to spend time with these two adorable pups while Mom and Dad were away.

Everybody Loves Mayto


Mayto is a fantastic furry companion and I’ve been lucky enough to be in his company twice while Dad was traveling.  Mayto melts everyone’s heart with his adorable looks and puppy energy, even though he’s already 12 years old!

15896373_1802143280003294_5895978514039879885_o         15800681_1800728816811407_5203533147900149762_o        15972580_1803978626486426_4182678077304565582_o

Mayto loves to walk everywhere and anywhere!  With those long legs, he’s got a lot of mileage.  Friendly with everyone and all the dogs in the neighborhood, he’s the talk of the town whenever he’s strutting around.


Mayto also loves to nap right next to you. 15937322_1800882703462685_4542618532352056631_o 15896239_1800882726796016_6681374757322162256_o

Mayto enjoys coffee talk on the patio.


Mayto just wants to be next to you, wherever you are.


10516878_10153262443254516_1221787896483746649_n 15844297_1800421203508835_6663966462600431788_o 11110378_1587393074811650_2738555187150720820_o


A Little R & R…Romeo and Remy


Romeo and Remy, two precious poodles with two special personalities and both full of puppy love.  I was lucky enough to spend time with Romeo and Remy while Mom and Dad took a much needed vacation.  These sweet boys love to snuggle, play, nap, eat peanut butter and steal your heart.

We loved taking walks along the beach and watching sunsets together.  



Three’s Company



Romeo and Remy make the very best company and kept me smiling every day.

Romeo and Remy, natural born supermodels


Making Magic with MeeChee


MeeChee needed some company while Mom and Dad were traveling throughout the year, so I was lucky enough to be her personal “human in the house” on several occasions. MeeChee understood it as simply food and door service, I was hoping for some snuggle time too.  We finally figured each other out with patience and long cat chats.  During our final mornings together on my last stay we spent time in bed talking about breakfast and exactly how MeeChee enjoys a good scratch and a belly rub after all.

MeeChee Cat Chats

Magical MeeChee Moments


The Happy Pet Sitter Extraordinaire and MeeChee finally making contact!

The Snuggly Spectacular El Segundo Quartet

Eye spy with my extraordinary pet sitter eye these sweethearts…Ravioli, Pike, Gwen and Silky!  What a wonderful bunch including a loving loyal pup, a curious cuddly kitten and two squeaky sweet guinea pigs.  We spent a wonderful week together and by the time I had to say goodbye, I felt like I was really a member of this furry family.

Pike, the new kitten in the house, decided I was his personal napping pillow.

We should all be so lucky to enjoy Ravioli every day.


We even celebrated Silky’s 4th Birthday with full salad bowls for both Silky and Gwen!

Saludos El Segundo!

Oodles of Poodle and Bernedoodle Fun!

10436195_1686494598234830_6552389692542667894_n      1796417_1687428528141437_725692401538226067_n         10398849_1686178921599731_8081910949632328575_n
Paco and Grady are the dynamic duo filled with puppy energy, love and fun! We got to spend a wonderful week together while Mom and Dad were traveling.  We enjoyed long walks, sunsets, snuggles and everything in between that could make the Pet Sitter Extraordinaire giggle with puppy joy.   I couldn’t resist taking millions of photos, enjoy the picture proof of these two wonderful puppies that stole my heart with all of their silly shenanigans!

1914174_1686761364874820_3546018625691889334_n .1493156_1687101718174118_3486117926751014031_n - Edited 1009879_1686494634901493_280455175854650064_n 1457526_1687553284795628_5967612447764887750_n1958277_1686318358252454_6634304464763527444_n